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Vera Amaya

Vera Amaya (Los Angeles, CA) is a Latina and Asian filmmaker who compassionately tries to honor space. Enjoying what the world provides, she takes pleasure in connecting with textures and landscapes as her muses. Through her practice, this experience creates an element of play and vulnerability seen in her work. She believes in collaborating on projects that welcome new perspectives. Many of her works embed a communal intrinsic knowledge of form and truth. She loves to develop and share daringly beautiful worlds.


Vera's last film, I Once Fell in Love with You (2021), moved through multiple festivals, including the 2023 Berlin Int'l Art Festival. She’s produced Tecata (2021), a nominee for Best Narrative Short at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Winner of Best Dramatic Short at WorldFest Houston, plus many more. And, The Burning Plain (2020), a 2021 DB Frieze LA Film Award Fellow. Amaya is currently in post production for her next upcoming film, First Born (2024).

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